TikTok is a trending social network for today’s youth. Now you can shoot small videos, from 15 to 60 seconds, put music on them and immediately share them with your subscribers. On the created videos, TikTok users can additionally apply different filters and effects without the help of a third-party application. It is similar to Instagram, the main difference is that in the latter – videos remain in the background, while in the new social network You will have unlimited access to popular video, audio and sound effects. Read also about how to shoot Tik Tok online.

We have tried to make the most clear instructions to answer the question of how to register in Tik Tok.

Please note that sign up Tik Tok is free. If you are required to pay for any action – then you are on the site of scammers.

Tik Tok new user registration

Before starting the registration process, you need download Tik Tok and install on your smartphone. Unfortunately, at the moment registration in the TikTok through the computer is not available.

At the end of the installation process, find the following icon on the screen of your smartphone:

Tik Tok logo
Tik Tok logo

This is a social networking application icon. Let’s run it and such a window should appear.

registration in Tik Tok
registration in Tik Tok

Click the button “Register” and choose a convenient way to register.

ways to register Tik Tok
ways to register Tik Tok

If you have Facebook or Instragram accounts – it will significantly simplify the registration process.

Tik Tok registration by email

Now, it is time to provide an email address and confirm that you are not a robot. In the future, you may need to confirm your email address, so specify only real mail.

The next step is to create a login and password. Your future account in Tik Tok will be visible to all users of the social network. Treat its creation as creatively and creatively as possible to make it easy to find and remember. The password you need to come up with so that your account was safe. When creating a password, try to use Latin letters (small and large), numbers and symbols. After entering your username and password, click “Register”.

Tik Tok регистрация
Tik Tok Register

E-mail confirmation

To recover your password and confirm your login, the social network may offer to confirm the e-mail address through which you registered. To confirm the mail, go to “Settings” and select “confirm e-mail” is highlighted in red with an exclamation mark.


In the window that appears, enter an existing email address and click “Next”. Expect a message with a link to activate your profile and complete the registration.

Registration in Tik Tok via social networks

Tik Tok allows you to register without using your mail or phone. Instagram Facebook or Facebook account is required for this purpose. By specifying one of your social networks, the Tik Tok app will automatically transfer your personal data and also connect with Your friends.

Setup your profile and find friends

Now that we have provided all the necessary data for registration, Tik Tok will give you full access to all the features of the platform. The first step to setting up a profile is to select an avatar and specify the display name.

Avatar you can choose from existing photos on your phone or create a new one. Press the “Next”button. In the next step, You will be asked to find and add your friends from other social networks.

Now available only two popular social.Facebook instagram and other networks. But as soon as the popularity Tik Tok in World will increase, will certainly add integration with Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki. Now that you have created an account, you can go to profile setup and continue enter Tik Tok.

According to the latest statistics, Annex Tik Tok on Android has already installed more than 300 million users.


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