TikTok Web enables its clients to work with the social network on PC, exchange videos, edit nicknames, expand the number of subscribers and more. The TikTok platform is not like WhatsApp Web as the mobile version of the latter is synchronized with the web one; however, there is no official means to log in to TikTok from a browser other than via emulators.

To apply TikTok on computer, one should download an emulator (for instance, Bluestacks or GenyMotion) as well as the TikTok APK. The only drawback of running the app via a browser is the lack of access to the TikTok webpage. One can, for example, get to the WhatsApp website and sync the app with Windows at the following address: web.WhatsApp.com. Opera is also an option for rapid access.

However, there is no web.tiktok.com address to log in to TikTok via a browser. Still, there is a way to operate TikTok in a browser with the help of a special plugin.

Launching TikTok Web in ARC Welder

ARC Welder is a Chrome extension that provides an environment for running APK packages in your browser. It is quite a popular extension with more than 1,010,000 active users.

Although it is possible to open TikTok Web in ARC Welder, there is a certain limitation to it: the plugin is initially 12.78 MB in size, but then it exceeds 165 MB.

ARC Welder Installation

If you already have the ARC Welder extension installed in your Chrome browser, skip this step. Otherwise, it has to be completed in order to access TikTok via a browser.

  1. Go to the Chrome extension store and find there “ARC Welder”.launch app
  2. Click “Install” and “Add to Chrome”.download app
  3. Voila!

ARC Welder will now appear in the list of your Chrome extensions. Next, we will comment on the installation of TikTok Web through ARC Welder.

TikTok in Google Chrome

Perform the TikTok APK installation in Chrome with the help of ARC Welder.

  1. Download the APK file to your device.
  2. Select Chrome >> Additional Tools >> Extensions >> Developer Mode. All plugins are available at chrome://extensions.
    Note: To use ARC Welder, one should activate the dev mode.
  3. Run ARC Welder.
  4. Click “Choose” and pick out a directory to place TikTok Web in.choose file
  5. Click “Add APK” to open the previously downloaded file.
  6. Upon successful loading click “Test” to run the installed APK.
  7. The app is now listed on your Chrome browser. TikTok can be accessed any time by going to chrome://apps/.

Whenever you wish to log in to TikTok via your browser, start the app from ARC Welder.


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