Use Tik Tok songs to do your impressions of world-famous tracks. This can also be applied to dialogues from various films. The app has a huge catalogue of audio files. Users can select Tik Tok songs to create their own video.

Tik Tok Top Songs

There are collections for rock, jazz, rap and classics lovers. To make your videos the most popular ones it is recommended to follow up with users’ current preferences. These are the most frequent tracks for today:

Tik Tok Features

 You can use Tik Tok songs for your video in several ways. It is advised to pick tracks from the library to create a slide show. Before that, you should upload photos from your laptop, smartphone or tablet. The audio file will be superimposed only afterwards.

Use the option “Select music” to pick up a background before you start shooting. You can record a mock-up version of a song. Many simply imitate a performer, someone does everything in their own way. You can share your video with the whole world by uploading it to popular social networks.

Anyone can download Tik Tok songs they like. The app has already been installed by more than 100 million users worldwide. It is only 62 Mb in size. Android 4.1 or higher is required for correct operation; the app will also work on Apple gadgets. Almost all musical genres are presented in the app. The only shortcoming is inaccessibility of some songs in a particular country. Anyone can learn how to use this program. Read our article to find out how to download and install Tik Tok.

What is unique about Tik Tok:

  • tools to edit, cut, paste and dub your videos;
  • the set of masks which is constantly updated with new ones;
  • selfie filters and automatic make-up;
  • various special effects and stickers;
  • sound effects;
  • frames for collages and pictures.

The app allows you to do a professional video editing. The program provides access to music from all over the world, helps to share your works for free. On Tik Tok, you can watch broadcasts from your friends and strangers. The library is often updated with currently popular songs.

How to get crown on Tik Tok

What unusual thing you can do on Tik Tok to gain popularity in no time? Let’s find out.

Try to make a duet. To make a video with a friend who lives in another city you should add him to your friends list. The process of recording a duet is very simple. To do this you should follow the steps:

  • open your partner’s page;
  • click on three dots (located on top);
  • the button “Start duet now” launches a record.

If you wish you can do an impression of the tracks added. For this you should click on “Select music” and go to “My songs” section where they are saved. If your friend is offline, does not respond to the request for a long time or is unable to make a real-time video, you can record a duet with already made videos on the user’s page. Join Tik Tok community, make your own videos or do impressions and become famous all around the world!


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