TikTok is a new and completely unique social network. The advantages of the service have already been appreciated in 35 countries, and currently the app is gaining rapid popularity throughout the world. No wonder you want to join TikTok as well. If you are unable to log in to your profile, read our detailed tutorial below.

TikTok: How to Log in

Before you log in, you should download the TikTok app. If you have already done it and managed to create a TikTok profile, it means that you now have access to all available platform features. To start shooting interesting videos, open the TikTok app, enter your Username and Password and tap “Log in”.

Log in to Tik Tok

Tiktok supports sign in via social networks (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter).

Log in from Computer

It may be that your smartphone or tablet does not support installing the app, but don’t worry. To log in to TikTok from computer you should install the social network app onto it. Read our tutorial about downloading TikTok on your computer to learn more.

Recently, the feature of logging in from computer without downloading the app has been added; however, at the moment it might not work correctly. Probably, this is due to the fact that the developers are working hard to create a full-fledged online client to access the social network.

Unable to log in

Warning: any request to pay for logging in should be regarded as fraud! Access to the service is completely free.

If you forgot your password, the service will help you recover it. The process is really quick. First, tap the helping link on the TikTok login screen. You should see this window:

log in with phone number

You can recover your password from the phone only in two different ways: via e-mail or SMS. Select the recovery way according to the sign-up method chosen.

Password Recovery via E-mail

Select the “E-mail” way and enter your e-mail address in the appeared window:

forgot password tik tokcode tik tok

Now that you have provided your details, tap “Send a link”. The latter will be sent to the specified e-mail address and clicking it will help you successfully recover your password.

change password tik tok

If you enter incorrect data or try to recover the password too often, you will see the following notifications.

Password Recovery via Phone

If you joined TikTok using your smartphone, you can recover the password by selecting “Phone Number”:

tiktok login via phone

In the appeared window you should enter the phone number used to sign up. After that, tap “Next” and wait for the number confirmation.

Upon the recovery completion you should be able to log in to your TikTok account.