Users are so fed up with Tik Tok commercials from the app of the same name that this reaction has found its reflection in the new ironic memes. A girl performing the song “He does not know anything” by the musical band Kraski and a nice-looking guy with horns appear at the beginning of YouTube videos more often than others. And the app has gained its fame mainly thanks to promotional spam.


History of Tik Tok Memes

The music application gained its global popularity only in 2018, although it appeared 4 years earlier. The essence of Tik Tok is recording short videos. As a user of this social network, you can make your own music videos and share them with your friends. To do this, you should simply install the app on your phone and sign up on the network.

As part of the app’s marketing activities, Tik Tok commercials use videos made by the service users. In these videos, you can usually find the guy who alternately maks faces, puts himself horns and shows viewers a heart with his hands. The song “Momotaro” by Wednesday Campanella plays in the background of the commercial. This guy’s nickname on Tik Tok is alexmymymy. The teen’s real name is Maxim Alekseenko, he is 17 years old and lives in Krasnodar.

The girl from the Tik Tok commercial is Anastasia Useyeva. She is from Novosibirsk, 17 years old and her nickname on the app is aneistazzzi1724. She opens her mouth to the hit pop song from the 1990s “He doesn’t know anything” by the band Kraski.

Their Internet fame

Since May 2018, commercials with Nastya and Max began to appear systematically in all the videos on YouTube. It took quite a bit of time for the users to hate it. As with the ads for Azino777, commercial videos for the music app triggered some negative feedback. The participants’ faces and the songs playing in the background became known to thousands of Internet users. By the middle of the same month, the first memes with the teens’ faces appeared on VKontakte.

реклама Tik Tok

Such fame brought them a huge popularity. Hundreds of users from across Russia visit Max’s page on VKontakte every day and actively comment on his posts and videos. Max even has now his own fan club with more than 5 000 members. The Tik Tok girl Nastya has attracted a substantial audience on Instagram. Today, over 50 000 followers keep track of her daily life and creative works.

Memes Meaning

The memes that appeared on VKontakte reflect users’ dissatisfaction with annoying commercials from Tik Tok and some other apps. It happens like this: famous memes concerning situations of difficult choice, torture and enforcement are edited with the faces of Max and Nastya. Such memes have been appreciated by Internet audiences and are used daily to make communication between online friends easier.

реклама Tik Tok

The fame like this has not only contributed to the emergence of haters. At the moment, the teens have a great number of fans as well. You can often find videos made up of sketches from the Tik Tok girl’s (aneistazzzi1724) and boy’s (alexmymymy) accounts on YouTube.

The apps like Tik Tok give modern youth the opportunity to fulfill their potential. Young people are not afraid to be annoying when recognition of millions Internet users is at stake.

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