Unfortunately, since November 2017, the sensational service of short videos Musical.ly has been owned by the giant Chinese company Bytedance. The transaction amount was enormous at that time, namely $1 billion. The users were promised to keep all the features of the app, its independence and further development. The first hint was the resignation of the president of the American division of Musical.ly. Some 4 months after it, the active users noticed that the old version of Mysical.ly had become unavailable and a completely new one appeared. According to the reviews, it was a very inconvenient version of the social network app. This event coincided with the growing popularity of Bytedance’s own application Tik Tok in the Eastern market.

So, Musical.ly ceased to exist on August 2, 2018, and all users’ accounts, which were already more than 100 million, were transferred to the new Tik Tok service.

Tik Tok App

Tik Tok is a new global video community. This service allows you to record and view cool short videos. The content can become more original thanks to various masks, filters and numerous stickers.

The creators of the new service emphasize some of its advantages:

  • Smart selection of interesting videos. The service adjusts to the tastes of its users, so that entertainment always comes first.
  • It may be the best place to realize your talents and get millions of fans around the world.
  • You can use thousands of free music tracks of any genre in your videos.
  • Beautiful effects, cool masks and free emoji will take your videos to the next level.
  • Edit, paste and duplicate your video without quitting the app.

The main audience of Tik Tok is young people, mostly under 24. The app has managed to attract the attention of such major brands as Chevrolet, Airbnb and many others, which has made it easy to beat the competition.

Tik Tok or Musical.ly

Despite severe criticism, the updated app functions smoothly. The experienced users have not noticed a great difference between the old version of Musical.ly and the new Tik Tok. Major drawbacks include: errors in the process of the old accounts authorization, complete loss of access to some profiles and failed attempts at recovering passwords.

Bloggers have been especially upset by the fact that it is now impossible to save videos to the phone memory. Many users would like to share interesting videos with their friends offline when there is no Internet access.

Musical.ly social network is remembered by many as a revolutionary one in making and sharing short videos, legalizing the use of soundtracks for the users’ videos and creative solutions in recording. Regrettably, all good things come to an end. We wish success both to the creators of Musical.ly in their new projects and to the new owners in improving the quality and building trust in Tik Tok.


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