In this social network, the authors create and distribute short videos. The new startup in terms of functionality is analogous to the applications “Kwai” and TikTok. The user records the video and edits it using filters. After that, the video is published in the application, where it is evaluated by the audience.


Differences of the project from other analogues

According to statistics, each visitor is viewing in the application almost seven hundred videos a month. Videos are small, but this number is very large. There are differences in the content. Of course, some of the videos content is similar to “Tik Tok”. The other half of the author’s content is made under serious music with entertaining visuals.
Roposo supports local Indian languages – Hindi, Sanskrit, English and Bengali. The user can select the language in which he/she will view the videos. This is important for a particular segment.

Roposo video

The application has a new category, which is not found in analog networks. This is the Bazaar, which is today’s replacement for the telemarketer. In the category put the video entrepreneurs. It could be a person knitting a cross, or a businessman selling things with AliExpress. Some users manage to make short reviews. Perhaps someone has already managed to sell personal belongings. On top of the video, the program displays the “buy” and “chat with the seller” buttons.

You can download Roposo for Android or iOS.

The ability to make a purchase in the basket, the startup has not yet implemented. The purchase button contains a link to the seller’s store. To get the button, you need to pay for the subscription. Now, the cost is about two thousand rubles.

Monetary motivation

Another feature of the project – cash payments to users. If you attract friends, publish great videos, you can get points that are exchanged for real currency. Even for a regular login to the application, the user receives a small amount. It’s ten cents, but also income.

During the existence of the project has attracted more than thirty million dollars. Today, Roposo continues to develop and gain active viewers and authors.


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