Tik Tok is a popular free video app that allows you to share your own short videos (10-15 seconds). The social video network was launched in 2014 and today has more than 20 million users worldwide. You can download Tik Tok for free from Play Market on Android or App Store on iOS.

New Tik Tok

Recently, an updated and revised by the developers version of Tik Tok has appeared containing many innovations and improvements, each of which we will consider in more detail. Perhaps the main innovation is a fundamental change in the look of the app. At the moment, the newest version of Tik Tok contains three tabs: recommendation feed, where you can find interesting videos based on location services and not only that, account settings and subscription feed, where you can watch the videos made by the people you follow.

The built-in video editor has also changed. Now, the application logo with the corresponding inscription appears in the corner of each video. Numerous new options and special effects have also been added. Another innovation is that now it is not necessary to upload videos to the public: they can be viewed only by your friends and subscribers.

A quite important innovation is updating the feature of computer processing concerning similar videos. Thanks to the machine vision system everyone now can find a video similar to another in its scenery and music from the common database. This function has caused a certain perplexity and raised a number of questions, which will be addressed later.

Merits and Drawbacks of the New Version

Clearly, the new version has become far more practical in terms of permanent use. Due to numerous innovations, the social network has become much more modern, and the machine search technology has made it possible to find what you need in mere seconds. However, the latest version has certain merits and drawbacks.

From the point of view of practicality of the app, it has certainly become a way more convenient. The arrival of the new features for the video editor has improved the quality of recorded videos by adding a number of becoming special effects.

As for the changes in the design, the app has been greatly modified. Owing to the emergence of new sections and functions, the developers were forced to carry out a complete upgrade of the app that included sorting its features and resources as well as properly listing them on the menu.

Starting from the sixth version of the app, its users have the opportunity to use a short video as the avatar to tell any information about themselves. The duration of this video should not exceed 6 seconds.

Differences between New and Old Tik Tok

The seventh version has a number of fundamental differences from the previous one. The old version of Tik Tok (up to the sixth) consisted of only two windows, where the user could either watch or publish a video. Back in version 6.9.0, TikTokers got a more practical video editor that allowed recording videos in speed up and down mode as well as adding various special effects.

The new release of the program is the most practical and convenient so far. It has a nice-looking interface and many additional features, which, however, have not pleased everyone.

Users’ Feedback

According to a high number of users, the previous Tik Tok version was the most convenient and handy of all. Based on the opinions of the people actively using the app, it has lost its true meaning and acquired a number of insignificant functions. The old version of Tik Tok did not have such a loaded editor and location services. Indeed, these innovations are not that large, but they strongly change the users’ attitude towards the app.

Based on the feedback, the active app users liked its minimalism, so it would be a lot more satisfying for them to download the previous Tik Tok version than to use the most up to date and advanced one.


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