The mobile app Tik Tok opens up an interesting world of one’s own original videos to every user. Once you download this program from the official Google Play or AppStore page and complete a simple signing up process, you may proceed to explore its numerous new features. In this, you will be helped by a number of recommendations described below about how to record cool videos on Tik Tok.

How to start?

How to record videos on Tik Tok? Right after the signing up process the main screen of the program opens up before a user where they become acquainted with specially selected fun and interesting videos from more experienced video makers. Plots for short videos are simply inexhaustible: here you can find funny imitations of favorite singers, dancing with pets and staging parts from different films. After watching these videos, you should subscribe to the most talented authors without a second thought in order to fill your feed with uplifting content from the very first day. Moreover, you can always draw from their creations some practical advice on how to record videos on Tik Tok.

How to record your first video on Tik Tok?

How to start making videos on Tik Tok and become popular? Everything is quite simple here. After enjoying fascinating videos to your content, you can press the plus sign at the bottom of the page: now it is time to make your own video.

The app has three recording modes. You should click one of three commands. They are:

  • “Select music”;
  • “Record first”;
  • “Select from the library”.

The first command speaks for itself: the app suggests you select a ready-made video from the gallery on your smartphone and add some special effects or create a beautiful slideshow of photos. By clicking “Record first” you record a video online and then edit it using the special tools available in the program.

It is especially exciting to record videos on Tik Tok by using the very first command: “Select music”. After clicking it, you should select the desired music track from a huge list of various popular audio recordings (live and studio ones, music videos and interesting dialogues from different films), or simply upload an audio file from your smartphone. We even tried to make a list of popular songs on Tik Tok. Check it out, it is worthwhile, we promise. Just before recording, it is preferable to set a certain speed of music playback. Currently, you can choose from several options. For example:

  • epic;
  • variable;
  • normal;
  • fast;
  • slow.

To record a video directly, you should use a front or regular camera, as well as hold the button. You can mix the finished video, cut it or edit with color filters, and then share it with your followers. When a user knows how to make elementary videos, simple instructions will show them how to record a duet on Tik Tok: all you need to do is send an invitation to one of your subscribers.


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