The world of entertainment and artistic expression is becoming more and more popular. Many people wish to know how to record videos on Tik Tok, how to download the app or add some special effects. The duration of a record as a rule does not exceed a maximum of 15 seconds. The creators of the service decided that this is enough to make a fascinating video post which will not bore people watching it.

How to record on Tik Tok for 60 seconds

You can shoot for more than 15 seconds. If you do not use sound recording, you will be able to extend your video up to 1 minute. In this case, you should press the corresponding key. Adding any soundtrack from the library or your flash drive will automatically set a time-limit for your video of less than 15 seconds.

Cool videos on Tik Tok

It is important to use special techniques. They include:

  1. Modern filters and special effects: a cat, beard, aging, hare, football players, etc. Overlay is done directly on the front or background part. It is possible to divide the screen into several sectors (not more than six) and put a frame.
  2. Changing shades. There are 36 of them on the list. Use different shades when creating a video or broadcasting.
  3. Choosing your camera, the regular or front-facing one. They are also available on mobile phones equipped with Microsoft Windows Phone software.
  4. Slowing down or accelerating the action.
  5. Beauty (smoothing wrinkles, improving the background, etc.).
  6. Adjusting a soundtrack (using a certain musical segment).
  7. Zooming in and out. You can do this with the camcorder icon by pulling it up and down. However, the function is not available for a live broadcast.
  8. Short videos can be segmented into several parts for making them more dynamic. The procedure is as follows: a recording starts once the corresponding button is pressed. If you take your finger off the button, there is a pause when you can set up a filter, change the soundtrack, etc. The video is resumed by holding the same key.

How to record beautiful videos on Tik Tok

To do this right means to follow a certain algorithm:

  1. Activate the app website on your mobile phone and sign in to your account. Video recording on Tik Tok is available after joining the network. You can log in via other social networks.
  2. Find the recording key on the main menu bar (the plus sign at the bottom of the screen). Clicking it will open a special window for editing your video.
  3. Pick up a standard track for your music video or upload it from the phone. It will take only half a minute.снимаем видео в tik tok
  4. Select fitting special effects. You can find them in the menu on the right.

You flip through the list in the following order:

  • the round position change icon – selects one of two cameras;снимаем видео в tik tok
  • the OFF arrow – adjusts the speed mode of your recording: the scale is 0.1-3 (1 is optimal);снимаем видео в tik tok
  • the star on the stick – turns the beauty parameters on and off;снимаем видео в tik tok
  • the multicolored balls – choose a shade (you can change the colors while moving your finger from side to side across the screen);снимаем видео в tik tok
  • the number 3 on the timer means that you can record a video without a soundtrack. First you need to decide on its duration: the maximum is 60 seconds;снимаем видео в tik tok
  • the tune sign appears after you add one. It performs the function of selecting a particular segment;снимаем видео в tik tok
  • the square – turns on and off the flash and increases the frame rate.снимаем видео в tik tok

Start recording. This service allows you to create a video with or without a soundtrack. Once the tune is selected, you should press and hold the designated bright red key. In this case, the recording will not stop. If you release the button, you get a pause.

Users want to know how to record videos on Tik Tok hands-free. You can do this by using the program itself. Just follow our manual.

Long videos

The timer icon will help you choose the duration of your recording. As you finish the shooting, click on the red checkmark in the lower right corner of the screen.

снимаем видео в tik tok

The captured video is ready for publication or editing.

The service allows you to record videos without Internet access. The algorithm is the same; however, you cannot use the standard library of tracks.


It is easy to record videos with this app. A dynamic video with a variety of special effects will look wonderful. Don’t be afraid to pause, change filters and experiment with your poses. Your video should not be boring. Make some full-length videos filling them with a well thought-out script. Imagination and creativity are the best helpers in making quality material for your viewers.

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