Despite the growing popularity of Tik Tok, not all users are positive about the new social network. The causes of such attitude are high traffic consumption and unoriginal content. For many users deleting their Tik Tok account is the best option. We tried to elaborate on the currently existing ways to do this.

Unfortunately, the developers of Tik Tok did not provide the app with the feature to delete an account directly. Even worse, according to the service rules, only the administration can permanently delete a profile.

How to remove Tik Tok profile?

There are two most realistic options for deleting your Tik Tok account. To do this, you should remember your login and password for gaining access to the network. In case you forgot how to log into Tik Tok, you can read the tutorial here. Otherwise, there is nothing to delete and no point in following this manual. Currently, the application is not provided with the function to delete or completely hide an account, as on Instagram, for example.

Please note that our guide does not guarantee the complete removal of your page. At the moment, this decision is made by the administration of the service.

Option 1

A complete analog of deleting a Tik Tok account can be considered clearing all information about oneself from the profile, including fans and videos. This method is not the fastest, however this way you will reset your account making it totally uninteresting to other users.

First, you should remove all the videos, if there are any. Go to your profile page, select a video and click on “Delete.”

Cat videos are especially hard to delete, but there is no other way. The next step is to unsubscribe from all your idols and delete the fans. Go back to your profile page and do this. Once finished, your fan list should be completely empty. Then, let’s go to the next step.

We will turn on the private profile mode and hide your page from the search. To do this, go to the settings and find the “Privacy” point.

настройки конфиденциальности

Move the “Private Account” and “Communication” sliders to the active position. From now on, anyone who wants to subscribe to your account will have to send an additional friend request. A hidden profile is not a permanent solution for deleting your Tik Tok account, but at the moment it is pretty much the only option to cease activity within the network.

Option 2

While the developers promise to add the feature to delete an account in new versions of the app, you can either wait for the update or send a special request to the official Tik Tok support service.

To submit a request for deleting your account, click the button below. Then, select “General Feedback” from the list of available options on the support page. Next, specify the operating system of your smartphone. In the window that appears, select “Other”. Enter the email address your Tik Tok account is registered with in the required section and provide a clear, detailed description of the cause to delete your page. After that, click on “Submit.”

Request removal

We hope that you have found a suitable option in our tutorial and everything has worked out well.


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