Tired of your old image and want to add a spark to your videos on Tik Tok? Or is this your first encounter with the app? Congratulations, with the new available function you can change your eye color to perfect black or add a variety of special effects. Thanks to this innovation, there are even more ways now to surprise viewers with your look and become more popular.

How to change your eye color to black on Tik Tok

To make a video with the night color eyes on Tik Tok you should:

  1. Open the app and go to the menu by clicking the plus icon at the bottom of the screen;Найти плюс внизу экрана
  2. Record a video to add special effects or put on a mask as you cannot use these tools when the shooting is done;
  3. Then find and select the smile with completely black eyes;Ищем смайл с черными глазами
  4. Choose and add a song you like and start the recording by pressing the red button at the bottom of the screen;Выбрать запись
  5. After you finish the recording, the video processing function is available: you can add some special effects from the list at the bottom of the screen which appears in the corresponding section;Указать спецэффект
  6. Next come up with a unique description to reflect your unusual image and add hashtags so that as many people as possible can watch the video;
  7. If desired, add some more effects to change your look (horns, freckles, ears, etc.);
  8. Share your video with the community.Публикация ролика

Additional functions

In addition to changing eye color on Tik Tok, it is possible to change the iris color only or transform yourself with the help of manipulations with your eyebrows mouth, cheeks or the whole face. This will help you become more popular and interesting to a wide range of the app users.

Many other masks and effects aside from “Black eyes” are also popular on Tik Tok:

  • Halloween image;
  • night masks;
  • celebrity masks (for example, Loren Gray) and so on.

If you want to make your video cuter and nicer for the audience, you can get your pet to take part in the recording by putting on a funny mask on them via the app.

Popular effects on Tik Tok

To gain popularity, you can resort to the slow motion tool, which allows you to slow down time by accelerated shooting with zooming in. Thanks to it, you can achieve the desired effect in the video and make it more epic, pompous or comic. The most popular effects are also “Big eyes”, “Water”, “Raindrop”, “Changing face proportions.”

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