Do you want to know which celebrity you look like? Download Gradient Photo Editor app for iPhone and iPad and enjoy this unique entertainment feature of the program!

Gradient Photo Editor

Gradient is primarily a photo editor. Even if your pictures are bad, you can make any of them perfect with this app.

Ticket To The Moon, Inc. developers introduce some unique technologies in their product that allow you to achieve the desired result within seconds. Thanks to AI, the latest features of which are the basis for creating this mobile software, you can create a masterpiece picture that will get a bunch of likes on Instagram and other social networks!

кот похож на фреди

Here are the main features of Gradient Photo Editor:

  • create magical collages, use different colors for your hair in the photo;
  • change the size of your eyes and lips, adjust the skin tone;
  • try some unique filters and textures;
  • explore a variety of useful functions that you will find essential!

Exclusive features that are not available in any other program will help you improve the quality of your pictures whether you are a professional photographer or a beginner learning the basics.

Download Gradient

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It is worth noting that new features simplifying the process of editing are added to the Gradient app every week. Those weekly updates include the coolest tools as well as awesome filters and textures to help you enhance your natural beauty in the pictures.

Gradient allows you to “play around” while creating magical collages and using different hair colors in the photo. If you plan to do a makeover and still don’t know which option is the best for you, send the pictures you get to your friends, and find that out with their help.

пример подбора лица в приложении градиент

What’s the price?

You can edit both your portrait pictures and selfies with the app. The free version provides access only to certain tools, filters and textures, while the Gradient Unlimited subscription is the key to all the features of the app.

The monthly subscription cost is 249 rubles, and the annual one is 1490 rubles.

Carefully selected and exclusive tools will surprise you with a chic outcome. The advanced AI technologies presented here will come in handy for professionals as well as they are suitable for entertainment purposes.

Surprise your friends with an “unfortunate” snapshot – publish a masterpiece picture edited in Gradient!

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